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Eastern Railway Zone Interesting Facts U Never Know

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Eastern Railway Zone Interesting Facts U Never Know

Eastern Railway Zone Interesting Facts U Never Know-The East Indian Railway was initially referred to as East Indian Railway Company was the one to introduce railways to Eastern and Northern India. Some more companies which operated within the other parts of the country are South Indian Railway, Great Indian Peninsular Railway, Central India Railway and therefore the North Eastern Railway.

This company was established within the year 1845 in London with the large amount of capital.the Railway is additionally one among the important zones of Indian Railways. the top quarters of railways situated in Kolkata. This zone has been bifurcated into 4 parts which comprises of Malda, Howrah, Sealdah, and Asansol.

Eastern Railway Zone Interesting Facts U Never Know

In order that there are often better administration and dealing are often properly controlled. The formation of Railways happened by the merger of Railways divisions of Asansol, Sealdah, Howrah and Danapur with Bengal – Nagpur Railway on 14 April 1952.

All the regions that are covered by the Railway are very essential for the country, as they strengthen the economy of the country. Besides ministering the foremost populated expanse of the country, the Eastern Railway deals with the world that’s prosperous in agriculture, industry and minerals. This railway manages the foremost populated expanse of the country. the three chief workshops of Eastern Railway are to be found in Liluah, Jamalpur and Kanchrapara.

In East, the Railways stretch to the Bangladesh border, whereas within the north is spreads to Malda, Lalgola and Kiul. within the south it stretches to Kakdwip near Ganga Sagar and within the west the areas are Asansol and Jhajha. The Eastern railways have numerous high-speed trains to hide long distances in order that the push of long distance passengers are often well accommodated. the foremost important train on this route is Rajdhani Express, being the foremost important one this train was started within the year 1969 between Howrah and Delhi.

It is a incontrovertible fact that the Railway has made most of its suburban routes electrified, and a few of the routes which aren’t yet electrified, are becoming the services of Diesel Multiple Units. the entire originating traffic of this Railway consists of 86 percent of coal. In Eastern India, the foremost important Industries and Power Houses depend on the coal that has been laden on the Eastern Railway. The Eastern Railway also does the work of transferring Steel, Iron, Stone, Jute, Cement, Textile, Tea, Automobiles etc.

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