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Rameswaram Holy City Across The Sea How To Rameswaram Reach By Train

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Rameswaram Holy City Across The Sea How To Rameswaram Reach By Train

Rameswaram Holy City Across The Sea How To Rameswaram Reach By Train-Often called the Varanasi of the south, Rameswaram, one among the holiest cities in India, has been a time-honored pilgrimage center. it’s an island-town located within the Gulf of Mannar.

Connected to the mainland at Mandapam by the famous Pamban Bridge, one among modem India’s proud engineering marvels. Rameswaram is related intimately with the Ramayana and different legends of Rama’s successful come back from Lanka, in the wake of vanquishing the malicious King Ravana.

Rameswaram Holy City Across The Sea How To Rameswaram Reach By Train

It is considered a holy site, because it was here that Rama performed pooja to Lord Shiva, on his return from Lanka after killing King Ravana. This island is therefore sacred to both the Vaishnavites and therefore the Saivites.

The Ramanathaswamy temple of Rameswaram is interesting. it’s said that Hanuman was sent by Lord Rama to bring a lingam for him to worship at an auspicious time. Hanuman’s arrival was delayed and far to his disappointment, Rama worshipped the lingam prepared by Sita. so as to console Hanuman, Rama installed the lingam that he brought and decreed that Hanuman’s lingam should take precedence.

The Temple interesting from the architectural viewpoint also, particularly for its famous long and ornate corridors, the towers, and its thirty-six teerthams (holy springs). The temple complex covers a neighborhood of 15 acres and therefore the lofty gopurams, massive walls, and therefore the colossal Nandi directly overawes the visitor. The 1220m long pillared corridor is that the longest within the country, and possibly the planet, with over 4000 pillars. The carved granite pillars are massive in size and are mounted on a raised platform. Building the corridor must are quite feat not simply because of the flowery design, style, and rich carving, but also for the very fact that the rock out of which the pillars are carved aren’t indigenous to the island, but brought from across the ocean.

The two gopurams on the east and west are impressive in size and finish, the larger being the eastern one, towering to a height of 126 feet, and having nine levels. Construction of this temple began within the 12th century and various rulers have made additions over the centuries.

The 36 theerthams of Rameswaram are a singular attraction. Out of those, 22 are within the temple and these springs are believed to possess medicinal properties. Bathing in these is an act of spiritual significance to the devotees.

The less famous Sethu Madhava and Lakshmi shrines also are worth visiting for his or her worship practices. So is that the Kothandaraswamy Temple of Dhanushkodi, a picturesque village at the acute tip of the island. Another attraction here is that the Gandamadana Parvatam, a hillock on which there’s a little shrine having imprints believed to be of Lord Rama’s feet.No wonder, Rameswaram is one of the four holiest shrines in India.

How To Rameswaram Reach By Train

By Train. The Rameswaram railroad station is the major railhead. Trains from Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Thanjavur, Palakkad, and Bengaluru halt at the station. Taxi services are available from the station.

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